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Group & Private Walks


Group Walks:

45 minutes, once per day:     $22.00/$25.00

2 or more-$22.00

single walk-$25.00

Private Walks:

30 minutes, once per day:     $25.00



Rates include pick up & drop off on group walks



Walks are available Monday through Friday.


Walks are conducted year round, however we will use our discretion in the event of inclement weather conditions. 










Overnight stays:



Whether you will be away for a day, week, or longer, let us provide the love, exercise and attention your pet requires. We handle everything, so you can enjoy your time away.


Your dog will have access to a full living area, individual attention and exercise including regular walks, trips to the park, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household.
















Pet Visits: In your home


30 minutes, once per day:  $25.00

30 minutes, twice per day: $40.00


Do you leave early in the morning, or come home late after work?


Are you planning to be out of your home for more than a few hours or overnight, and want peace of mind knowing we will be there for your pet?


Let The Woof Walkers provide your pet with a friendly face and voice, companionship and some playtime.


Service available for dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles & birds.




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