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Grow Your Vision

Group Walks:

Single walk-45 minutes*: $25.00

Double walk-90 mins*: $40.00

*Walk time may be shortened based on weather conditions

Rates include pick up & drop off


4 hours or less: $35.00

4-6 hours: $40.00

6-8 hours: $45.00


Overnight stays:

$65.00/24 hours or less

>24 hours a daycare rate will be applied



Whether you will be away for a day, week, or longer, let us provide the love, exercise and attention your pet requires. We handle everything, so you can enjoy your time away.


Your dog will have access to a full living area, individual attention and exercise including regular walks, trips to the park*, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household


*Subject to timing and availability.
















Pet Visits: In your home


30 minutes, once per day:  $30.00

30 minutes, twice per day: $45.00


Do you leave early in the morning, or come home late after work?


Are you planning to be out of your home for more than a few hours or overnight, and want peace of mind knowing we will be there for your pet?


Let The Woof Walkers provide your pet with a friendly face and voice, companionship and some playtime.


Service available for dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles & birds.




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