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Group or Private Walks: For dogs of all ages


Your dog loves to walk, get regular exercise and spend time outdoors...all year round!  A healthy dog, is a happy dog. And a happy dog, makes a happy owner.


What a great way to provide your pet companion with all the stimulation, fresh air and fun that a regular walking program can offer. 


Group or private walking options are available along scenic forest trails; nearby neighborhood parks and sidewalks, as well as on-leash and off-leash parks. Your dog will enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that the city has to offer.



Group walks: Allow for stimulation, group socialization and of course, a great time out of the house enjoying the fresh air, great scenery and companionship. Whether it is at a nearby off-leash park, neighborhood trail or other fenced-in area, your dog will come home smiling.


Private walks: Are a great way for us give your dog, regardless of age, some one-on-one attention. Walking your dog close to home in your neighborhood keeps your furry friend in top shape while enjoying all the familiar scenes. 

Puppies need lots of exercise and lots of attention. Walks and visits provide that and so much more!




Planning a vacation? Away for the weekend? Upcoming business travel? Whether you will be away for a day, week, or longer, we will care for your dog in a safe, friendly and clean home environment. Our house is your dog's home away from home, so let us provide all the tender loving care, daily exercise and attention your dog requires. Daily dog walks (group or private) are included for all overnight stays.



Pet Visits: (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits)

At The Woof Walkers we understand the importance of  maintaining a regular routine in the life of your pet. We provide your pet with companionship, playtime and a friendly voice.


At each visit we can:

  •        Feed

  •        Provide fresh water for all pets in clean bowls

  •        Clean around pet's eating area

  •        Puppy potty break

  •        Administer medication (extra charges may apply)

  •        Clean the litter box and dispose of waste

  •        Bring in any newspapers, flyers, mail or other advertisements





If there is a service you require, but is not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate your request.


All dogs in our care must be licensed, spayed/neutered and have up to date vaccinations in order to participate in group walks and/or boarding.




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